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Helping You Get Your Vehicle Through the Smog Testing Process in Mountain View, Hayward, Sunnyvale and Colma

California law requires emission testing of most vehicles registered in the state. If your vehicle fails to pass its first smog check, there is no need for distress—each smog test you purchase includes a free 90-day retest of vehicle emissions to offer you a second opportunity to pass the required vehicle smog check. At Smogg Only, our STAR smog stations near Sunnyvale, Hayward, Mountain View and Colma can help you understand the smog check requirements for your vehicle so you can take advantage of your 90-day free retest.

How the 90-Day Free Retest Works

As a vehicle owner, you are required to pay for a biannual smog test to ensure your vehicle is operating within state emissions requirements. The 90-day free retest option provides a safety net for drivers whose vehicles do not pass the vehicle smog check on the first attempt.

  • In most cases, you don’t know whether your vehicle will pass its smog check until this check is complete. Thus, an emissions test failure is often a surprise.
  • Regardless of the reason for failure, you have 90 days from your original emissions test date to bring your vehicle back to the same testing location for a free retest.
  • This 90-day window provides you with the opportunity to make any necessary repairs or changes to bring your vehicle up to the required standards, even if the cause of failure was not related to your vehicle emissions (such as an illuminated check engine light or an aftermarket performance product).
  • As long as you return to your original smog check location within the 90-day free retest window, you will receive a second smog check at no additional charge.

Tips for a Successful Smog Check

There are several simple steps you can follow to help your vehicle pass its required car emissions check in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Follow the recommendations in your owner’s manual regarding maintenance, especially for your engine.
  • Address issues such as an illuminated check engine light promptly.
  • Avoid making changes to your vehicle’s engine or emissions system, as these can cause automatic failure of a smog test.
  • If you are concerned about your vehicle’s emissions, consider scheduling a pre-test to determine whether it is likely to pass an official smog check.

Whether your vehicle is due for its biannual check or you are planning to sell or register your car in California, Smogg Only offers great service at a smog check price you’ll love. We’ll also help you identify the cause of any emissions test failure so you can address it quickly for an easy recheck. You can reach us today today at (510) 538-8987 (Hayward) or (650) 206-4169 (Colma) or at (408) 749-1964 (Sunnyvale) - for more information about vehicle emissions testing.

Multiple Locations To Serve You:

We have three Smogg Only locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the East Bay
You can find us in Antioch, and Hawyard. On the Peninsula you can find us in Colma

Multiple Locations To Serve You:

We have four Smogg Only locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the East Bay
You can find us in Hawyard, and Fremont (coming soon!). On the Peninsula you can find us in Sunnyvale, and Colma.