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Sunnyvale, Hayward, and Colma Smog Check History

Smog is a unique atmospheric condition that occurs when fog or other haze is combined with smoke, particulate matter, and other types of pollutants. The effects of smog are far-reaching, including property damage and a negative impact on human health. Because many counties in California are subject to severe smog, the California Emission Testing Law was created to improve atmospheric conditions by reducing the contribution of vehicle emissions to smog. Smogg Only offers STAR-certified emissions testing in Sunnyvale, Hayward, and Colma; we aim to meet your needs with several emissions testing locations and a simple vehicle smog check process to reduce waiting time and get you back on the road.

History of the California Emission Testing Law

The California Smog Check Program was developed in response to severe pollution throughout the state. This program represents the combined efforts of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the California Air Resources Board, and the California Bureau of Automotive Repair.

  • The very first smog test program was approved in 1982 and instituted in March of 1984 for vehicles manufactured during or after 1966.
  • This program was updated in 1997, when several new laws were passed to modify the emissions test requirements. The 1997 updates required vehicles manufactured during or after 1974 to undergo emission testing and exempted vehicles less than four years old from the check. A financial assistance program was also created to aid those who could not afford the necessary repairs to bring vehicles within compliance.
  • Further updates in 1999 and 2010 allowed for the exemption of vehicles manufactured within the past six years, as well as made changes to the repair assistance program. These updates also created the STAR Smog Check Program, which allows integrated onboard diagnostic technology to replace tailpipe testing in vehicles manufactured during or after 2000.

The Benefits of Mandatory Emission Testing

The vehicle smog check requirements instituted by the California Smog Check Program have led to many positive changes. More than ten million vehicles are inspected in the state of California each year; as a result, it is estimated that emissions testing removes 400 tons of smog-causing pollutant materials from the air each day. Much of this reduction is attributed to vehicles greater than ten years old, despite the fact that such vehicles only represent about half of the vehicles tested for smog emissions. The reduction in smog-creating pollutants is associated with broad improvements in weather, visibility, air quality and breathability, resident health, and property value.

Whether your vehicle is due for its biannual check or you are planning to sell or register your car in California, Smogg Only offers great service at a smog check price you’ll love. We’ll also help you identify the cause of any emissions test failure so you can address it quickly for an easy recheck. You can reach us today today at (510) 538-8987 (Hayward) or (650) 206-4169 (Colma) or at (408) 749-1964 (Sunnyvale) - for more information about vehicle emissions testing.

Multiple Locations To Serve You:

We have three Smogg Only locations in the San Francisco Bay Area.In the East Bay
You can find us in Antioch, and Hawyard. On the Peninsula you can find us in colma

Multiple Locations To Serve You:

We have four Smogg Only locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the East Bay
You can find us in Hawyard, and Fremont (coming soon!). On the Peninsula you can find us in Sunnyvale, and Colma.